NMLS ID: 1574869




If you have a complaint, please contact Wyre Payments, Inc. by visiting their Help Center or emailing support@sendwyre.com . If you still have an unresolved complaint regarding Wyre Payments, Inc.’s money transmission activity, you may complete an Online Complaint Form as stated on the File a Complaint against a Financial Institution or Enterprise  page or you may mail, email, or fax written complaints to the:

Alabama Securities Commission RSA Dexter Avenue Building 445 Dexter Avenue Suite 12000 Montgomery, AL 36104

Toll Free Call: 1-800-222-1253 Local Call: (334) 242-2984 Fax: (334) 242-0240 Email: asc@asc.alabama.gov

Other Important Website Disclosures – Additional Consumer Privacy Notice

Wyre Payments, Inc. may transfer personal information to other countries, for example, for customer service or to process transactions.

NMLS Consumer Access

NMLS Consumer Access is a free service for consumers to confirm that the financial-services company with whom they wish to conduct business with is an Authorized Licensed Money Transmitter in your state.