One Million developers building with Wyre by 2025

The rise of the crypto economy promises a world where everyone has access to open and secure financial systems. But this future isn’t guaranteed, the bridge to this new world must be built.


Our worst nightmare is that a new generation of brilliant thinkers and creators will wait on the sidelines, or get crowded out by legacy institutions, because they don’t have the resources to bring their ideas to life. Wyre was founded to inspire these passionate builders to create products that will fuel the future.

We believe that the power belongs in the hands of the builders – and that with the right tools, they can build anything. So we do whatever it takes to make them, every day. We’re all-in on helping the builders because if they win, we all win.

The Wyre Way05

We salute the explorers who immerse themselves in the crypto ecosystem, who understand that curiosity is the engine of achievement, and who never stop learning.


Yanni Giannaros

Co-Founder & CEO

Stephen Cheng

Chief Compliance Officer

Debra Noll

General Counsel

Sam Schlachter

Head of Engineering

Javier Caceres

VP of Finance

Alycia Tooill

VP of People

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